Welcombe Glass Art - Handmade by Sue Martin

About Sue

I create flameworked and fused glass art in my studio in Barnstaple surrounded by the stunning Devon coastal countryside. My initial inspiration is taken from the colours of the sea, preferring to work with various shades of blue, green and azure. Using flat sheets of Bullseye fusible glass as the starting point, I cut and layer the glass before firing it in one of my digitally controlled kilns. I produce spectacular fused glass dishes, fused glass bowls, fused glass panels, fused glass tiles and also a range of fused glass and flameworked bead jewellery. My jewellery often includes fine and sterling silver inclusions and also the vibrant irridescent dichcroic glass.

Having lived in North Devon with my husband since 1970 and brought up my four children, I then studied with the OU for over 10 years. I successfully gained my MA (Education) and taught chemistry/science at the local secondary school for many years before expanding my more creative interests. Venturing into the new area of working with fused glass in 2001 has brought such an exciting phase into my life. My background as a science teacher and, previously as a stained glass artist, has given me an understanding of the manufacture of glass and its properties, which in turn has enabled me to develop a product that I am proud to display.

I am now a member of three enterprising co-operative galleries in the Devon area in Appledore, Torrington and Barnstaple. The ethos of each group allows artists and artisans, who are often in rural areas, to come together with a common purpose to display and market their work.

The Appledore Crafts Company http://www.appledorecraftscompany.co.uk is one of the leading contemporary craft galleries in the South West. There is a thriving artistic community in the lively port and fishing village of Appledore and the Appledore Crafts Company is well established here, celebrating twenty years of successful trading this year.
The gallery held an exhibition called Twenty Twenty Vision from May 28th to June 19th which was to celebrate its 20th Birthday. Each member made a special piece of their artwork for the exhibition.

14 The Gallery http://www.14thegallery.co.uk is located in Great Torrington’s historic Pannier Market and displays arts and crafts from a range of different media including paintings, ceramics, glass, textiles, jewellery and cards amongst others. Its members made an artwork sculpture for their ‘Tree of Life’ to celebrate five years of trading.

The Art Coop at Gallery 39 opened in 2010 http://www.artcoopatg39.co.uk , it runs on similar lines as a co-operative and is growing substantially. There is different work by varied artists and the gallery enjoys promoting ‘Featured Artists’ for a short time on a regular basis.