Working Deep

A course at Warm Glass, Wrington developing ways of adding depth to my glass pieces.
This 2 day course was held of January 24th 2019 with Megan O'Hara where we looked at layering individual pre-designed single layers of glass to create thicker pieces (resulting in more than 6mm) which required to be dammed to keep the panel's shape during firing. Each layer could include mica (using inclusion pens), dichroic extract (giving a suble effect), powder and frit (must include tiny pieces of glass at each corner to stop air bubbles) and then fired with a long hold. The image shown is one piece that I made used reds, oranges and yellow powders on the base layer with the white powder moon and the top layer included hand drawn trees using sgraffito plus the surface foreground with blue black glass powder before firing. This panel did not require damming as it was approximately 6mm thick.