Been making some seahorse panels

Seahorse Panel
I thought that you might be interested in my simple process to make a few small seahorse panels all with Bullseye Glass
1.To start with I was able to purchase some lovely clear precut medium seahorses from 'SOSO & BOBO' and then gathered together some decals, powders and fused glass balls to start the design

Seahorse 1

2. Next I then carefully sifted opal blue powder over the blank seahorse whilst wearing my face mask.

Seahorse 2

3. I decorated each seahorse with cut dichroic, some tiny particles of dichroic, medium frit and frit balls.

4. I cut some mixed blue 3mm glass for the background and secured each prepared seahorse on its base. These were then all taken to a tack fused temperature (about 750 deg C) in the kiln to keep the texture.